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Posts written in July 2012

Benefits of Research Being Realized – Leads to Sustained Growth for Biotech Market

  The global biotechnology market is experiencing a period of sustained growth as the benefits of research are realized. Many venture capitalists and large pharmaceutical companies are investing in biotechnology in the hope that a new drug, a so-called ‘biotech blockbuster’ will be discovered. Companies and governments alike are also beginning to understand the positive impact on agriculture. Designed agronomic traits can give plants qualities that increase production or reduce the need for other inputs such as chemical pesticides or fertilisers. All of this is creates demand and leads to… Read more

Control Systems Market Recovering After The 2009 Financial Crash

  The global control systems market produced moderate growth in 2011, which showed a slight acceleration from the overall rate of growth in 2010. This is evidence that the market is recovering after the financial crash in 2009 and the delayed recovery thereafter. This market is heavily reliant on manufacturing industries, and the growth and stability of these industries can directly determine the amount of new equipment that large manufacturing companies order. Success within the manufacturing industry leads to greater investment in production line efficiency, leading to greater sales of… Read more

Company Financials Haven’t Gone For Good…

  …they’re just away for the summer holidays. MarketLine’s Company Financial series are getting a makeover – and so aren’t currently appearing on the MarketLine Advantage site. Apologies for any inconvenience but  it will be worth the wait – there will be a new format and new titles reappearing in SEPTEMBER. In the meantime, if you have any specific requests for Company Financial products then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’d be happy to help out.

The Base Metals Industry Achieved Robust Growth in 2010 and 2011


  Despite continuing financial and economic uncertainty impacting the global economy, the base metals industry achieved robust growth in 2010 and 2011, in both developed and developing countries. Worldwide production of base metals continued to increase, mostly due to increases in production from Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, China, and India. Growth in these countries offset production losses in areas such as Indonesia, South Korea and the US. Base metal production in Brazil stopped falling, growing for the first time since 2008. China remained the leading base metal producing nation, followed by… Read more

Chinese Banks Are Growing Their Footprints Overseas

  The Chinese banking sector has grown strongly in recent years, with the likes of Bank of China and Agricultural Bank of China both expanding their operations to become leading players in the Asia-Pacific market. Having now established themselves domestically, these banks are now looking to branch out and open representative offices overseas. In fact, if Chinese banks go on to become major forces internationally, 2012 may come to be seen as something of a watershed year for the country’s financial services industry as it has so far seen a… Read more

Generics Market – Likely To Continue to produce good growth through to 2016

  The global generics market has produced good growth in recent years and, due to the trend of cheaper generics replacing branded pharmaceutical products when patents end, the market is likely to continue to produce good growth through to 2016. The last few years have seen a number of blockbuster drugs coming to the end of their patents, which has shown the speed with which generics can be introduced and dominate a previously locked up market. This change is happening because the switch to generics from branded drugs is highly… Read more

Bob Diamond resigns as Barclays CEO, but the end of the LIBOR scandal is nowhere in sight

  Bob diamond yesterday resigned from his position as CEO of Barclays after being implicated in the LIBOR rate fixing scandal. In banking circles, Bob Diamond has long been considered something of a genius. After forging a reputation as a ruthless profit generator at Morgan Stanley and then CS First Boston, Diamond joined British bank Barclays as Head of Global Markets.  He was then made CEO of the bank’s newly established investment banking arm, Barclays Capital in 1997. Under Diamond, Barclays Capital became one of banking’s great success stories. It… Read more